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Thursday, 31 January 2013


5 Ways to get more Facebook Likes on your Page

Face it, you need more likes.

Why? More likes translates to a wider audience. A wider audience means a greater chance of business. Every time you update your page with your latest post or blog, it appears instantly in a variable percentage of those who have liked your page. With one update, you have the ability and opportunity to create impressions with your content, in REAL TIME!

We all know this right?


The question is HOW? Setting up a Facebook page doesn't suffice.

Here are 5 Ways to gain more likes on your Organisations page;

1. Engage your audience
- This is the key to the gateway of success on Facebook. In order to attract attention to your page, be engaging on your own personal profile as well (Bullas). According to Social Media expert Dan Zarella, sharing visual content does exceptionally well. Ask questions and connect with your audience.

2. Share other peoples content
- Share yours and you'll share mine. Well in a nutshell. According to Jeff Bullas, Facebook goes hand in hand with the engagement you create. Tagging those that you've shared their content within the post alerts the person/organisation through a notification.

3. Frequent Updates
You have a great meal, your likely to go back to the same restaurant and dine again right?
Excellent content will engage and entice both likes and shares.

According to Bullas, "The sharing and liking they do will attract more new people to your facebook page." Typically, great content will be shared; people want to show other people great stuff they've seen. Frequently updating content, not necessarily always related to the business, will entice likes and shares broadening your audience.

4. Giveaway FREE/Incentives for every Like or Share
- Scratch my back, I'll scratch yours. Have a really great incentive as the prize upon reaching a certain milestone or target. eg, if 1000 Likes are reached this week, a FREE eBook will be sent via eMail to all likers (or whatever is feasible).

5. Advertise on Facebook
All BIG Brand use this. Ever see a "Sponsored" ad on your news feed? Yeah, they've paid for it. Try it. You can edit your target audience and reach potential customers.

Ready to go BIG? What has or hasn't been working for you?

Let us know in the comments section or reach us on Facebook or Twitter.


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